If we pay tuition, why do we need to volunteer?
We set our price at $10 per hour to make our classes accessible, but it is not enough to cover our expenses.  We try to keep our expenses low by relying on donors, in-kind donors, and volunteers and fundraise to make up the deficit. The organization is completely volunteer run, except for the instructors who are paid an hourly wage for the time they are teaching. The more people we have to help, the smoother things will run, and the more CYMG can do for the students and the community!

Do we need to provide our own instrument?
CYMG has a limited supply of violins and cellos available for rental. Priority is given to students with financial need. Most students either own their instrument or rent from a music store.  For beginners, we recommend renting. CYMG students receive a discounted rental price at Metzler Violin Shop in Glendale.

  • Violin: $60 + tax for a 3 month rental + $20 one-time service fee
  • Cello: $180 + tax for a 3 month rental + $20 one-time service fee

What is your refund policy?
See the Payment & Refund Policy Page.

When do I have to pay?
See the Payment & Refund Policy Page.

How do I pay tuition?
There are three ways to pay:
1) Mail your check to CYMG Tuition, 3733 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA90065.
2) Pay online. Paypal fees apply (2.2% + $.30)
3) Pay in person with a credit card at a CYMG event using Square. Square fees apply (2.75%)

I have more questions. Whom do I contact?
Contact your instructor or CYMG site liaison.
Delevan: Rosawan@cymg.org
Mt. Washington: MtWash@cymg.org
St. Mark’s: President@cymg.org or StMarks@cymg.org
Drumline: AkhaniCacao@cymg.org
LAMC: info@cymg.org